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Welcome on board!
Collect, Play, Earn with the World’s Only Flying NFTs

Why Jet Fighter?

Let's recall the most hyped and controversial
person in the crypto recently. The one bringing
Doge to the moon. The prominent entrepreneur
and business punk - Elon Musk. A rebel living
with a sense of adventure, risk and fun in
whatever he does. When launching SpaceX and
Tesla Elon was himself flying an L-39 Albatros
fighter jet, later mentioning this aircraft in the
interviews as one of the greatest generators of
fun in his life, and we know this gentleman has
got an eye for fun.

Paying tribute to Musk is a recent trend and
you've probably witnessed multiple creations of
dog and other meme-coins hoping that linking
them to Elon will send the price to the moon.

Well, CryptoJet is not just another quick
meme-project. We have literally purchased a real L-39 jet fighter, and we invite you to join us aboard!

Welcome on board of CryptoJet!

The one-of-a-kind project combining art,
crypto and aerial advertising features and
utilizing a real fighter jet L-39 Albatros.
Providing advertisers with an opportunity to
place ads on the jet's body and other elements,
CryptoJet flies and generates digital assets
with various utility. While advertisers promote
their companies, crypto investors, traders,
holders, VCs and other companies in the
blockchain industry will be able to buy, sell and
collect the world’s only flying NFTs to enjoy
various unique perks within the project.

  • Buy NFT tokens & Collect videos of unique flights and aerobatics
  • Farm CJET tokens
  • Use $CJET to purchase other NFTs or even perform a CryptoJet flight in real life
  • Have fun and Earn with CryptoJet!
COLLECT AIR STUNTS! Buy the first flying
NFTs in the world